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Marketing and Sales Alignment with HubSpot

Discover how Lexxic, a leader in empowering neurodivergent talents in the workspace, enhanced their CRM strategies with HubSpot through a partnership with BBD Boom. This case study explores the collaboration's success in improving marketing and sales alignment, optimising CRM processes, and fostering data-driven decision-making for future growth.

Marketing and Sales Alignment with HubSpot
Lexxic are leaders in empowering neurodiversity. A specialist psychological consultancy, they believe that all minds belong. It is their mission to inspire a world that supports and values the talents of neurodivergent minds, empowering individuals to be their best selves. They partner with individuals, teams and organisations around the world, to make a positive difference; creating Neurodiversity Smart workplace cultures, high impact programmes and delivering psychological support services to neurodivergent talent including assessments, training, one-to-one coaching and e-Learning.  
Lexxic chose HubSpot as their CRM platform to manage their global contacts but soon realised they weren't leveraging its full potential. This case study delves into Lexxic’s collaboration with BBD Boom, highlighting how the partnership helped them unlock the full potential of HubSpot by aligning their marketing and sales teams and enhancing their overall strategy for managing and nurturing client relationships. 
Lexxic saw multiple opportunities for enhancing their CRM experience:
  • HubSpot training across the marketing and sales teams would enable them to make the most of the platform's comprehensive features.
  • Further alignment between the marketing and sales team would lead to more efficient communications and collaborative strategies.
  • Efficient CRM processes would improve the business’ marketing and sales activity.
  • The ability to better analyse marketing and sales data would enhance Lexxic’s strategic decision-making ability.
To leverage these opportunities, Lexxic recognised the necessity of expert guidance in maximising their CRM platform's potential. This realisation led them to collaborate with BBD Boom. 
To remedy the gap in HubSpot training, Lexxic and BBD Boom collaborated on a comprehensive training program tailored for Lexxic's sales and marketing teams. This specialised program was strategically developed to cover all aspects of HubSpot's features and tools, ensuring that the team could fully leverage the platform's capabilities.
hubspot training
Recognising the need for CRM optimisation, a detailed review of the current process was initiated to address the complexities in Lexxic's existing CRM system. This process focused on streamlining and improving the overall efficiency of their marketing and sales strategy.
A significant aspect of this collaboration was redefining lifecycle stages as well as improving how lead source between sales and marketing teams was being tracked. This customisation was not only effective but also carefully aligned with Lexxic's unique needs and goals, fostering better collaboration and synergy between the two departments.
Finally, to address the challenge of tracking and reporting customer journeys and sales metrics, BBD Boom implemented advanced solutions using HubSpot’s comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, thus  leading to more accurate performance assessments and fostering data-driven decision-making.
hubspot CRM
The partnership between Lexxic and BBD Boom resulted in a series of significant improvements and positive developments. Key achievements included improved efficiency and effectiveness in the sales team’s HubSpot usage, fostering a more integrated approach between marketing and sales teams. This strategic alignment resulted in better teamwork and collaboration, laying a strong foundation for Lexxic’s future growth. Additionally, the partnership greatly improved Lexxic's ability to utilise HubSpot’s advanced features, especially in reporting and customer journey visibility. These enhancements have been instrumental in positioning Lexxic for continued success and growth in their industry.
“For us, the assurance of having a reliable point of contact was crucial. Clarinda's expertise and communication were the best part of our working relationship. Whenever we encountered an issue, sought deeper understanding, or needed additional support, Clarinda was there to provide the necessary assistance promptly and effectively.” 
- Brooke Elias, Director of Marketing and Communication, Lexxic
The Future:
Through expert guidance and tailored solutions, Lexxic overcame initial challenges, streamlined their internal processes, and set a robust foundation for future growth and efficiency. While they are currently capitalising on the achievements of the first phase, Lexxic’s relationship with BBD Boom has developed into a trusted partnership, opening avenues for future collaborations to explore additional capabilities of HubSpot for enhancing engagements with existing customers.
hubspot partner
Are you ready to transform your CRM experience and unlock its full potential, just like Lexxic? Connect with us today to explore how our expertise can revolutionise your CRM strategy, streamline your operations, and set the stage for remarkable growth and efficiency in your business.
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