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Salesforce to HubSpot Migration for Accelerated Growth

Opting for HubSpot for its intuitive interface and robust tools, Matrix and BBD Boom, not only navigated the complexities of the Saleforce to HubSpot migration process but also embarked on a journey of sales process re-engineering. Find out what transformative outcomes they achieved and how this pivotal move has fueled their accelerated growth.

Salesforce to HubSpot Migration for Accelerated Growth
The Background: 
Team Matrix is a leading provider of workforce management solutions that aim to revolutionise the way employers attract, recruit, and manage their indirect workforce. With 17 years of steady growth, Matrix has recently experienced a significant acceleration in expansion. Their journey of accelerated growth has been marked by strategic business acquisitions and the expansion of its operational capabilities. The company's first major acquisition doubled Matrix's size in terms of revenue and headcount. This ambitious move outlines the company’s growth strategy but also saw the introduction of some complex challenges, particularly in integrating the newly acquired businesses’ CRM systems which prompted them to look for a partner to support their migration and scale the use of HubSpot
The Challenge: 
Matrix was already an established HubSpot user prior to acquiring new businesses. However, the acquired entity operated on Salesforce which presented a significant hurdle in achieving a seamless, unified operation that could support the company's ambitious growth plans. 
The company wanted to integrate both businesses into a single platform and had to choose between maintaining Salesforce or fully transitioning to HubSpot. After careful consideration of both platforms' capabilities, ease of use, and potential for scalability, Matrix decided to standardise on HubSpot for several strategic reasons.
Firstly, HubSpot's intuitive user interface and configurability promised quicker adoption and less resistance from the sales team, who are critical to the success of any CRM platform. Furthermore, HubSpot offered robust marketing and sales enablement tools that aligned with Matrix's vision of a growth-focused, integrated business operation. The decision was also influenced by the platform's ability to support Matrix's ambitious growth plans with scalable solutions that could evolve with the company's needs. This choice underscored Matrix's commitment to creating a unified, efficient, and empowered workforce, capable of driving forward its growth objectives with a shared set of tools and processes.
The Solution: 
Recognising the complexity of the transition and the need for expert guidance to navigate the challenges, Matrix understood they couldn't undertake this significant transition alone. Consequently, they decided to seek a partner with expertise in CRM migrations and HubSpot implementations, leading them to collaborate with BBD Boom, a decision that would ensure a smooth, efficient migration and optimisation of their CRM system to support their ambitious growth trajectory. BBD Boom’s solution involved:
  • CRM Migration: BBD Boom facilitated the seamless transition of Matrix's multiple CRM systems into a unified HubSpot platform. This involved complex data migration and platform integration.
  • HubSpot Implementation: Implementing a single CRM platform to manage growth functions, marketing, sales, and customer management in an integrated manner.
  • Process Re-engineering: BBD Boom supported Matrix in redefining their sales strategy. This included mapping out an optimised sales process that accommodated the various service lines within Matrix, ensuring a standardised yet flexible approach that could adapt to the specific needs of different segments of the business. 
  • Platform Enablement: BBD Boom facilitated platform enablement by ensuring Team Matrix fully leveraged HubSpot's suite of tools, optimising usage for maximum efficiency and impact across their entire team and ensuring high adoption rates.
Roger Clements, the Chief Growth Officer at Matrix gave a great advice on what it is like working with a HubSpot partner:
“The real value of partnering with a team like BBD Boom lay in their ability to critically assess our processes and offer seasoned advice on best practices. The path of least resistance would have been to simply replicate our existing operations across the board. While certainly the easiest and cheapest route, it would likely have led to a point where we'd need to fundamentally re-evaluate and overhaul our approach. By contrast, taking the time to consult with a partner who could provide insights on improvements and what has worked for other companies proved immensely valuable.” 
The Outcome: 
The migration to HubSpot facilitated a more cohesive, efficient operation across Matrix, with tangible benefits:
  • Unified CRM platform - Through diligent efforts and strategic partnership with BBD Boom, Matrix has successfully unified its CRM platform, merging different businesses together into a single, cohesive system. 
  • A comprehensive view of the sales pipeline - This integration has resulted in a comprehensive and combined pipeline, enhancing the company's ability to analyse and manage customer relationships and opportunities across all service lines with unprecedented detail and efficiency. The transition has notably improved collaboration within the sales teams, enabling more effective cross-selling and joint sales initiatives. 
  • Successful integration of multiple  data sets - The meticulous planning and execution of the data migration process were critical, but successfully completed within the set timelines, ensuring that Matrix was off the Salesforce platform by the end of November as planned. 
  • High platform adoption rates - The migration to HubSpot has led to high adoption rates across the team, with all members now utilising the platform for every aspect of their pipeline recording, marking a significant milestone in Matrix's operational efficiency and data management capabilities. 
The Future: 
In conclusion, Matrix's strategic decision to consolidate its CRM systems onto HubSpot, with the support of BBD Boom, has positioned the company to effectively manage its rapid growth and enhance its operational efficiency. The successful integration marks a significant milestone in Matrix's journey, setting a strong foundation for future expansion and customer engagement initiatives. 
Building on the success of the HubSpot integration, Matrix is now focused on leveraging the platform for further growth and customer engagement. Future plans include onboarding all existing customers onto HubSpot to enhance growth and engagement strategies, utilising HubSpot for deeper insights into product coverage, wallet share, and continuously refining sales and operational processes to support sustained growth and market responsiveness.
BBD Boom is a HubSpot Elite Partner with accreditations in HubSpot Implementation and CRM Migration that can help you unlock the full potential of your CRM system. Get in touch with us today for a seamless platform transition and transform your business with HubSpot.
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