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23 HubSpot Updates for 2023 Webinar Key Takeaways

August 03, 2023

In a recent BBD Boom webinar, co-founder Adam and top consultant Clarinda delved into the exciting world of HubSpot updates for 2023. Covering a wide range of topics, they highlighted the latest enhancements in CRM, marketing, sales, and AI tools. This blog post aims to provide you with a concise yet informative summary of the webinar's key takeaways, making it easier for you to stay updated and make the most of HubSpot's new features.

CRM Updates

Clarinda kicked off the webinar by discussing some essential CRM updates. Among these was the introduction of presets for teams, allowing super admins to set default settings for team members. Additionally, users can now split lists into percentages or sizes for better email marketing testing and throttling. Notably, HubSpot has also introduced a new phone number property type, enabling the creation of phone number fields with country codes and extension numbers. These updates aim to enhance user experience and efficiency in managing CRM data.

Property Validations

The webinar's next segment covered three valuable updates related to property validations. Users can now set up specific rules for properties, ensuring data accuracy and improving data maintenance and cleanliness. For instance, rules can be implemented to accept only valid date properties, preventing input errors. Moreover, the "Repeat a Past Import" feature allows users to reuse import templates for similar spreadsheets, saving time and effort. Lastly, a new error check for broken external links in the SEO tool aids in improving backlink profiles and overall website SEO.

Sales Hub Updates

The Sales Hub has received several significant updates to boost sales teams' productivity. The "Approvals for Marketing Assets" feature streamlines the approval process, ensuring content quality before publishing. Additionally, the "Resolvable Comment" tool simplifies collaboration by managing conversations directly on assets. Another noteworthy update allows users to create different deal forms based on sales pipelines, streamlining varying sales processes. Moreover, the "Calendar View" enhancement enables users to book meetings on behalf of other team members, optimising scheduling for larger sales teams. Lastly, customizable deal tags offer better visibility and categorization of important deals based on specified criteria.

Team Goals and Conditional Logic

HubSpot now allows the creation of both team goals and individual user goals simultaneously. This enhancement empowers users to set targets for each team member within a team goal, fostering better collaboration and accountability. Additionally, conditional logic for creating record forms allows for customising fields based on specific criteria, ensuring data quality and relevant information collection.

Playbooks Updates

Playbooks, akin to call scripts for sales and customer service teams, received notable updates. Advanced recommendations for playbooks enable rules that recommend specific playbooks based on deal criteria, streamlining the sales process. Furthermore, users can now have required questions in playbooks, ensuring essential information is gathered before proceeding with a call.

AI Updates

In the realm of AI, HubSpot introduces Content Assistant AI and Chat Spot. Content Assistant AI allows users to generate content for sales emails, blog outlines, paragraphs, and marketing emails by providing prompts. The AI-generated content saves time and effort for users, enhancing productivity. Meanwhile, Chat Spot streamlines tasks by allowing users to skip multiple steps and directly get desired results, such as generating reports or researching companies. Integrating with various tools, Chat Spot promises to simplify tasks and improve overall efficiency.


The BBD Boom webinar provided valuable insights into the myriad of HubSpot updates for 2023. From CRM enhancements to AI-powered tools, HubSpot continues to innovate, ensuring users stay ahead of the curve. By adopting these updates, businesses can optimise their HubSpot experience and data management, unlocking new levels of productivity and success. Embrace the power of these updates and propel your business towards a brighter future with HubSpot.

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