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The Power of HubSpot CRM: Key Webinar Takeaways

July 05, 2023

Step into the realm of HubSpot CRM as we take you on a post-webinar journey, revealing the highlights and insights gained from this enlightening event. This blog post serves as a comprehensive follow-up, summarising the key takeaways and showcasing how HubSpot CRM can revolutionise your customer relationship management practices. Whether you attended the webinar or missed out, this article will provide you with a valuable overview of the event's key insights and how you can leverage HubSpot CRM for enhanced business success.

Customisation and Organisation

BBD Boom’s Co-Founder and Solutions Architect Adam Lewis was joined by Cian McLoughlin from HubSpot to discuss all-things HubSpot CRM. 

Cian dived deep into the power of customisation and organisation in HubSpot CRM, highlighting how the CRM acts as a centralised hub, surpassing the limitations of traditional spreadsheets. With customisable views and columns, users have the freedom to tailor the CRM interface to their unique needs. By creating personalised tabs, accessing critical customer segments, such as prospects, customers, or specific job titles, becomes a breeze. 

The search functionality further simplifies contact retrieval, empowering users to find relevant information instantly. Moreover, HubSpot CRM allows for efficient categorisation of contacts based on lead status, deal stage, and more, ensuring seamless organisation and prioritisation of customer interactions.

Creating Contacts and Company Profiles

Another key aspect highlighted in the webinar was the ease of creating contacts and company profiles within HubSpot CRM. Attendees learned about the various options available, including manual entry or importing contact details through APIs, CSV files, email tools, forms, or live chat. 

With the help of AI technology, HubSpot CRM automatically associates contacts with relevant company profiles, gathering valuable information from the web. Company profiles provide a comprehensive snapshot of organisations, showcasing essential data such as descriptions, LinkedIn pages, and other pertinent details. This feature enables users to gain a holistic understanding of their contacts and companies, fostering deeper insights and facilitating more informed interactions.

Tracking Interactions and Tasks

Cian walked attendees through HubSpot CRM's exceptional ability to track interactions and tasks, highlighting how the CRM eliminates the risk of overlooking crucial customer communications. Attendees learned how to record emails, phone calls, tasks, and meetings directly within the CRM, creating a centralised repository of information. This approach eradicates the need for manual tracking and promotes transparency across teams. With a complete history of interactions readily available, teams can deliver exceptional customer service and maintain consistent communication, ultimately strengthening customer relationships.

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

The webinar shed light on HubSpot CRM's powerful reporting capabilities, empowering attendees to unlock valuable insights into sales and revenue metrics. Participants were introduced to the pre-built report templates and the option to create custom reports tailored to their specific requirements. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of deal progress, revenue goals, source attribution, and other vital key performance indicators. Real-time data visualisation enables teams to monitor their progress and make data-driven decisions to drive growth. With HubSpot CRM's robust reporting capabilities, businesses can analyse their sales pipeline, identify trends, and optimise strategies for improved results.

Key Takeaways

The webinar was an enlightening experience, revealing the immense power of HubSpot CRM for effective customer relationship management. By centralising customer data, automating processes, and leveraging powerful reporting capabilities, businesses can achieve unparalleled success. 

Whether you attended the webinar or are exploring HubSpot CRM for the first time, this follow-up blog post has hopefully provided you with valuable insights into the event and highlighted the key takeaways.

Want to catch up on the full webinar? Check it out here.

If you’d like to chat to BBD Boom about HubSpot CRM, book a call with our Growth Consultant Mike.

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