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How to Maximise Sales Reporting in HubSpot

September 07, 2023

Learn how to maximise sales reporting in HubSpot with expert insights, tips, and support. Discover the key takeaways in this blog or watch the webinar recording.

In our recent webinar, Clarinda and Katie from BBD Boom provided valuable insights on sales reporting with HubSpot. As experts in helping clients leverage HubSpot effectively for their businesses, they discussed the various types of reports available, the importance of data cleanup and standardisation, and tips for creating custom reports. They highlighted advanced reporting features and common pitfalls to avoid. The webinar covered an array of topics, ensuring attendees left with a better understanding of how to make the most of HubSpot's reporting capabilities.

Types of Reports and Clean Data Structure

Clarinda and Katie introduced the different types of reports available in HubSpot, including single object reports, custom report builders, customer journey reports, attribution reports, and funnel reports. Emphasising the need for a clear goal, they stressed the significance of setting up a clean data structure to maintain consistency and avoid confusion.

Data Cleanup and Utilisation of Whimsical

To ensure data cleanliness and standardisation, they recommended using the free tool Whimsical to create flow chart visualisations and map out data sources. They also shared tips on using workflows to automate data cleanup and formatting, even without Operations Hub. Custom properties with applied rules help enforce data integrity.

Reports Library and Custom Dashboards:

Clarinda delved into HubSpot's reports library, showcasing pre-built sales reports that can be used as templates. They explained how to create custom dashboards for effective report organisation, urging users to have a clear purpose for each dashboard to avoid overwhelming users.

Creating Custom Reports

Katie demonstrated how to create custom reports using appropriate data sources, selecting relevant properties for X and Y axes, and applying filters for refined data. They offered valuable tips on changing data visualisation frequency and utilising the breakdown function to split data by categories.

Advanced Reporting Features

Advanced reporting features like revenue analytics, deal splits, and customer journey reports were discussed. Revenue analytics allow users to track recurring revenue in subscription-based models, while deal splits allocate credit and revenue between multiple salespeople. Customer journey reports now include deal stages to analyse conversion rates when deals do not follow a linear progression.

Common Pitfalls and Tips for Beginners

Clarinda identified common pitfalls in sales reporting, such as too much flexibility in property creation and lack of training and standardised processes. They offered tips for beginners, including exploring the HubSpot Academy's reporting certification and using sales analytics tools for inspiration.

Support Options

The webinar covered the various support options available, including the HubSpot support team accessible through the help button. They recommended knowledge base articles and HubSpot forums for specific queries and suggested considering a HubSpot Solutions Partner for strategic data configuration and report building.

Key Takeaways

The webinar provided a comprehensive understanding of sales reporting with HubSpot, empowering attendees to leverage the platform effectively for their businesses. With expert insights, practical tips, and an array of support options, the hosts ensured that users could make the most of HubSpot's reporting capabilities. Whether a beginner or an experienced user, the webinar left attendees equipped to navigate the world of sales reporting with confidence. For those who missed it, the recording is available on the BBD Boom website for further reference.

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