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How to Maximise Marketing Reporting in HubSpot

September 04, 2023

Learn how to maximise marketing reporting in HubSpot with expert insights, tips, and support. Discover the key takeaways in this blog or watch the webinar recording.

In our recent webinar, Clarinda and Katie from BBD Boom provided valuable insights on marketing reporting with HubSpot. As experts in helping clients leverage HubSpot effectively for their businesses, they discussed the various types of reports available, the importance of dashboards and tips for creating custom reports. They highlighted advanced reporting features and common pitfalls to avoid. The webinar covered an array of topics, ensuring attendees left with a better understanding of how to make the most of HubSpot's reporting capabilities. 

Understanding Report Building

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They discussed different levels of report building, starting with dashboards, individual reports, and analytics. The template library, offering pre-built reports, and the custom report builder for personalised options were also explored. Data collection was emphasised as a crucial step, with a stress on accurate and standardised data for meaningful analysis. Setting clear goals and objectives to align the team and avoid redundant reporting was encouraged.

Overall, the webinar promised to guide both newcomers and experienced HubSpot users in harnessing the power of effective reporting and data analysis to optimise marketing strategies.

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Importance of Data Cleanliness and Formatting

The hosts discussed the importance of data cleanliness and formatting before creating reports. They provided practical examples, such as using dropdown properties instead of single-line text fields to standardise data like countries. The Operations Hub was highlighted as a useful tool for data cleanup, ensuring consistency in dates, rounding numbers, and trimming whitespace. Additionally, the hosts emphasised the significance of standard workflow automations to copy values between objects, assign contact owners, and manage contact lifecycle stages. Proper data formatting and cleanup were identified as vital steps to generating accurate and insightful reports.

Creating Dashboards Using HubSpot

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The creation of dashboards using HubSpot's dashboard library was also explored, offering pre-built templates for various marketing reports. Clarinda and Katie demonstrated how to filter and customise reports from the library and add them to the dashboard, providing valuable insights into data management and practical use of HubSpot's reporting tools.

Building Custom Reports

The focus then shifted to creating custom reports in HubSpot. The hosts explained how to utilise the custom report builder and offered valuable tips for building effective reports. Selecting the right data sources, primary and secondary, was highlighted as crucial for ensuring accuracy and relevance in reporting. Clarinda and Katie demonstrated how to search for properties, drag them into axes, and customise visualisations such as charts and tables. Two use cases were showcased, one involving tracking the number of marketing-qualified leads by their source and the other analysing email performance metrics over time. Adding filters and goals to reports, as well as customising colours for consistency, were also discussed. Moreover, they stressed the importance of data organisation and alignment between teams to avoid discrepancies in reporting. The segment provided practical insights into creating insightful and customised reports for various marketing purposes using HubSpot.

Overcoming Reporting Pitfalls

In the final segment of the webinar, the hosts offered a summary of common reporting pitfalls and provided top tips for effective reporting in HubSpot. Issues like property label names versus internal values, lack of training and standardisation among teams, and the overwhelm of the report builder were discussed. To overcome these challenges, the hosts recommended utilising the template library, defining the purpose of dashboards before adding reports, and seeking help from various HubSpot resources such as the Academy, knowledge base, chat support, forums, or HubSpot partners. Emphasising the importance of clean data and alignment among teams, Clarinda and Katie concluded the webinar by encouraging continuous learning and practice to improve reporting skills.

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The webinar provided a comprehensive and insightful exploration of HubSpot reporting, making it an invaluable resource for marketers and business professionals seeking to leverage data-driven marketing strategies effectively. Whether it was diving into data cleanliness, creating custom reports, or avoiding common reporting pitfalls, Clarinda and Katie expertly guided participants on their journey towards maximising the potential of HubSpot's reporting capabilities. With newfound knowledge and practical tips in hand, attendees are well-prepared to drive their marketing efforts to new heights and achieve remarkable results.

Want to watch this webinar? Click here.

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