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5 Things Stopping You From Inbound That Shouldn’t

September 03, 2018

Trying new things can be daunting in any warp of life; especially business when there’s money and targets involved.

Trying new things can be daunting in any warp of life; especially business when there’s money and targets involved. But everyone knows that the only way to get better is through change.  

Think repetition vs difference. Yes, sometimes you should stick to your traditional ways, but how will you know if it’s the best way if you don’t challenge it?

It’s good to mix things up and change strategies, especially in the competitive nature of today’s marketplace. You need to be getting ahead of your competitors and leading the way in your field; and the way of achieving that is through inbound.

It still surprises us how many people are unsure of inbound. People seem to have the same reactions when they hear about it, but these common concerns shouldn’t stop you from giving it a go.

Sound like you or someone you know? Take a look at the 5 things stopping you from inbound that really shouldn’t:

  1. “I don’t have the time”
  2. “I don’t have the resource”
  3. “I’ve no idea how inbound could work for my business, how do I know I’m going to get results?”
  4. “Our sales team only like their own leads”
  5. “Isn’t it costly?”


1. “I don’t have the time”

People seem to think that inbound takes so much time up – it really doesn’t. What can take time is setting up a foul-proof strategy, but once that’s in place, it does the work for you, and with tools like HubSpot, most processes can be automated to save you time.


2. “I don’t have the resource”

Inbound marketing does need someone who knows what they’re doing. You need a strategy, someone to carry out the processes and someone to nurture leads through to the sales team. It’s all about refining a process – once that is done you don’t need that much. With tools like HubSpot, it pretty much does it all for you, and sometimes it’s best to get help from agencies who can provide you with the basics or guide you through everything.


3. “I’ve no idea how inbound could work for my business, how do I know I’m going to get results?”

Lots of people are afraid of the unknown; it’s completely different, and when you’ve been using the same formula for years it’s no surprise that you would be slightly apprehensive of trying inbound tactics rather than traditional outbound tactics. But, inbound will work for you if you have a product or service – if you’re offering something. You will get results. You are right in thinking that it can take longer than getting results from outbound, but it will pay off in the long run.

The best thing about an inbound marketing strategy is that it is measurable and digital, because the tactics target a specific audience online.


4. “Our sales team only like their own leads”

Why? You should be working together as one big team. Inbound leads are sales-ready leads that are interested in your product or service and have been nurtured through a lead nurturing programme. They are ready to buy when the leads are passed to sales because they have chosen to look at you.


5. “Isn’t it costly?”

What you should be focusing on is the ROI.

46% of marketers reported that inbound marketing gave a higher ROI, while only 12% reported outbound did.

What you invest in your inbound strategy whether that be time or money will pay higher dividends than outbound, because once you’ve done the hard work, everything will fall into place.

Inbound really is in...
If you’re not convinced, then you really need to be looking at your competitors and other businesses and seeing what it is that makes them successful. I can almost guarantee that they will be dabbling in some sort of inbound tactics!

We live in a digital world and your strategies should be reflecting this if you want to perform at your very best.

What next?
If reading this, you can relate, then why not get in contact with us and we can give you a chat and a plan to help get your business going. Drop us an email to and we will get back to you ASAP with some tailored advice.

Don’t let these things stop you from doing inbound – remember, you won’t get results if you don’t try!

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