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5 Tips to Create Great B2B Case-Study Videos

April 18, 2019

Videos are quickly becoming the way to market your business, and there’s no better way to show a potential prospect that you’re fit for the job.


Videos are quickly becoming the way to market your business, and there’s no better way to show a potential prospect that you’re fit for the job than for other people to do it for you.

In a recent study, it is reported that 37% of businesses create videos featuring their customers, with that number rising. But what does that mean? It shows that people have the power, and we trust each other more than we trust companies. It is fast-becoming one of the most effective ways to market your business, and by ‘it’, we are of course referring to case-study videos.

Case-study videos are a brilliant way at showcasing your work through the voice of someone who has seen everything first hand, but how can we make sure that the case-study videos we’re making are up to scratch? Check out these top tips: 

  •    Preparation

As with anything great, it’s all about that prep that goes on beforehand. Filming case-study videos with customers is a big operation, never underestimate all the things that need to be thought of. Spend time planning everything to precise detail and ensure that everyone has the same goal in sight.

  •    Location

Location, location, location. It really does matter. No one wants to see an uninspiring, dingy room in the background of a video – what do you think it gives them the impression of about your business? You need to ensure you have picked the perfect location for the type of video you would like. Good lighting is absolutely key, and you can’t beat natural lighting. If you don’t have an appropriate space on hand, then why not consider renting a space out? It will pay dividends on the final result.

  •    Shot list

Think about exactly how you’re going to film the sequence and how it’s going to flow on camera. Think about the set up of your cameras so that your editing process will be a lot easier. You might find it easier to draw up frame-by-frame what you want to be going on. An organised narrative is a good one.

  •    The interview

Ensure both the interviewer and interviewee are perfectly comfortable with exactly what is going to happen and the sorts of things that are going to be filmed and spoken about. It is worth sending out the overall agenda and question list to everyone involved before the filming day so that it gives time to prepare slicker answers on film. Make the interviewee feel comfortable, relaxed and confident and let them know that it doesn’t matter if a mistake is made, and you can always retake or stop things if they are not happy with it.

  •    Camera and sound quality

Essentially, this is what it all comes down to. Without a crisp, clear image and sound, your video isn’t going to work. Do a run through before your interview to ensure that you’re happy with the look and the sound, ensuring the frame and focus are exactly how you want it and that your sound isn’t echoing or muffled. Again, it goes back to having a good location – if you have that then it will be a lot easier.

They are the five top tips to create a great case study video. With more and more people watching videos and more B2B companies investing in video marketing, you need to ensure that you follow these tips so that you can go above and beyond your competitors and create an engaging video.

 The last thing I would say is important to think about is this: if you were a potential prospect interested in your business, would you find your video interesting, informative and easy to watch? Have your prospects (those all-important buyer personas) in mind throughout the whole process and you’ll be on to a winner.

64% of customers said that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy; will watching your case-study video make them want to work with you? Keep that in mind.

 If you would like any help and advice on creating videos – whether that be case-study videos or any other types of video then please contact us at and we’ll be more than happy to help.



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