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How to Solve Some of the Biggest Sales Enablement Problems

August 28, 2020

You want to provide your sales team with the sales enablement tools and strategies that they need, but you’re not a salesperson.

You want to provide your sales team with the sales enablement tools and strategies that they need, but you’re not a salesperson. And there are so many tools available today, where do you even start? It can definitely be a headache.

Let us help. BBD Boom has a few solutions to some of the biggest sales enablement problems you may be facing…

Problem #1: Your sales and marketing strategies aren’t working together.

A lot of companies sales and marketing teams simply don’t work together, and that is not good for sales enablement. Yes, these two teams do different things, but they need to be on the same page because the majority of leads going into the sales department have seen the marketing team’s campaigns. You don’t want customers to feel like the experience changes when they go from prospect to lead to customer.

Solution: Create high quality marketing content that does double duty.

In addition to informing prospects and leads, your marketing content should also fill the role of informing your sales reps on everything they need to know to successfully convert those leads. If a lead asks them a question, the sales team should know exactly where to find content to fill them in.

BBD Boom can help you come up with content marketing ideas.

Problem #2: Your reps have neither the resources nor the training.

Ideally, all your sales reps get up to speed right at the onboarding stage once they’re hired. Unfortunately, processes change and some individuals’ training slips through the cracks. So not everyone has access to the same training at onboarding.

That may mean that your existing reps need a refresher on procedures. Or they may need to be retrained if you’ve switched to new tools or techniques.

Solution: Provide internal content about the sales enablement tools you utilise.

Your reps need coaching on how to promote your products or services and how to present those products or services to leads. They can only deliver valuable information in as far as they are informed.

Make sure that informational content is available to your sales team both during onboarding and after for ongoing training refreshers.

Problem #3: Your reps don’t have the technology or tools to do their jobs well.

The sales enablement tools you use do make a difference. At a minimum, you need a CRM and marketing automation tools, like those offered by HubSpot. And you’ll want those to be integrated with each other so that the sales and marketing teams have access to each other’s data.

Solution: Hire a managed service for inbound marketing and marketing automation.

The right tech helps your reps qualify leads, as well as giving them guidance on how to keep conversations going with those leads so you can build meaningful relationships that lead to trusting and loyal customers.

BBD Boom specialises in managing B2B marketing automation. Click here to find out more about how we could help you with your sales enablement. 


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