Advanced Marketing Automation Strategies for 2020

Sam Gale | 26 June 2020 | 08:23

Our B2B Growth Webinar series is aimed at ambitious B2B businesses who are looking to grow faster. During these webinars, we aim to team up with industry thought leaders to share thinking strategies, new technology, sales marketing best practice, and much more. These ultimately have the goal for you to go away with practical tips and advice that can be implemented today, tomorrow, and the future.

In March, Boom’s co-founder and solutions architect; Adam Lewis sat down with Global Vice President of HubSpot Marketing; Nicholas Holland, to discuss advanced HubSpot automation strategies for 2020. 

As a recovering agency owner, Nicholas Holland did a lot of digital transformation, web and mobile applications, and was about 40 to 45 employees at his peak before selling to them to raise venture funds to start a SaaS platform. This was aimed at salespeople, allowing them to create single web pages, pitch pages, product pages, and proposals. This was initially when he struck a relationship with HubSpot. 

After about three years of talking about how the sales persona and marketing persona intersects at a time where they were just starting to get into CRM, HubSpot put an offer in. Although rejecting the offer, they stayed in touch until about four years ago when they approached him again with a remote working offer at the innovations lab in Ireland. It was there when Nick began to gain ownership of HubSpot’s marketing products that we see today. Not only focusing on the products and where marketing is going at a vision level, but also on how to match that to the right value and location in the market.

Now as GM/VP of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, Nicholas Holland is an advocate for utilising the most sophisticated marketing strategies in order for you to grow as a business. In the webinar, we discussed how to:

  • Add value through personalisation and automation

  • Orchestrate your efforts seamlessly and effectively

  • Use attribution reporting to account for marketing spend and demonstrate ROI

  • Combat organisational complexity with more powerful and flexible systems

  • Easily share data between systems for a more seamless approach

  • Create better sales and marketing alignment using ABM strategies

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