Does NetSuite Connect With Hubspot? And How?

Adam Lewis | 9 January 2020 | 06:00

Getting all the software your company needs to work together is frustrating. For instance, you need enterprise solutions that can scale up with HubSpot CRM, but NetSuite isn’t an available integration in HubSpot’s existing library. Is there some other way to connect NetSuite with HubSpot?

The good news is that yes, there is a way NetSuite can integrate with HubSpot.

We’ll tell you exactly how you can make that happen in this article…

Using a connector for NetSuite HubSpot integration

The business management and resource planning features offered by NetSuite are a natural pairing with HubSpot CRM. NetSuite allows you to automate many of your sales and marketing operations, while HubSpot provides additional inbound marketing tools. Unfortunately, these apps don’t just work together automatically.

On the bright side, third-party companies can integrate NetSuite and other enterprise solutions with HubSpot. The way they do this is by offering products called connectors. Connectors use an API integration that allows the two programs to communicate with each other.

After setting up a subscription with a connector, you will select the NetSuite and HubSpot integration, and map the specific fields that you want to sync between the two apps.

Once the integration is complete, you no longer have to search through multiple apps to figure out which one has the most current data. It will all be updated in real time. The connector pairs new incoming data using a unique identifier in order to keep all your data aligned and synced.

Bedrock Data is an example of a third-party connector for HubSpot and Netsuite.

Why a connector may not be the best choice

Now, there are some disadvantages to going with a third-party connector. Here are a few things to consider:

● You need an IT team with a complex skill set available to implement a connector integration.

● Even if your in-house IT team has the skills to set up the connection, they may not have the time to set up and maintain an integration while still completing their other priority tasks.

● With this type of integration, you can only use the standard set of field mapping options, which means you can’t add custom fields that may be necessary for your business.

BBD Boom is all about making your inbound marketing processes easier and more efficient. And that’s why we offer custom integration for Netsuite and HubSpot.

The benefits of custom integration

Unlike using a connector, custom integration allows you to add any field mapping options that you need. You’re not stuck with the generic options that may not align with your company’s usage. Customised field mapping means a more effective automated workflow for your sales and marketing teams. And your in-house IT team can focus on their other work so all your projects get completed.

Here’s what we do:

● Schedule a needs assessment to help you form a plan.

● Give a quote based on the project scope.

● Run compatibility testing to discover API limitations of the software you want integrated.

● Agree on a statement of work.

● Build, test, review with you, and deploy.

If you don’t want to bother with setting up a connector and settling for generic options, let us make it easy for you. We provide a custom integration service that would enable your integration to do exactly what you need it to do. To find out more about how we could help you, click here.

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