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How to Welcome New Contacts to Your Mailing List

November 03, 2020

People subscribing to your mailing list? Read our new blog to find out the right way to welcome a new contact into your CRM to ensure they stay.

So, you are wondering how you can welcome your new contacts to your mailing list. Well, why don't you send a welcome email? But what should be in that welcome email? Usually, it's your contact’s first impression of you, so it’s not something you want to mess up. Keep on reading, I'll give you some tips for an expert welcoming.

Before we can get to the helpful tips, it’s vital to understand what a welcome email is and why they're so important. A welcome email is an email that new blog subscribers, newsletter subscribers, or new contacts to your mailing list receives. Welcome emails are key, as they help to build customer loyalty and can decrease spam complaints and unsubscribes.

So, now that you know what welcome emails are and why they are so important, let’s dive into some tips on creating and sending them. 

Make it stylish

As this will be the first impression of your brand to the new contacts, make sure the branding, copy, and imagery embodies your business and makes it unique. Ensure that the email is bright, eye-catching and engaging. Remember, it's the first form of communication these contacts will receive from your brand, so you want it to leave a mark so that they look further into your company and want to understand what you can offer them.

Engaging preview text

Include engaging and personable preview text, letting them get a taste of your brand before even opening the email. The preview text is the first thing your contacts will see in your email. Make it eye-catching, so that the contact is intrigued enough to open the email. Make it fun, testing different types of preview text to see which one is the best performer. If you have HubSpot, why don't you add a personalisation token, like the contacts first name?

Use video

Consider including a video with your staff, welcoming your contacts. Video content is amazing as it helps to boost open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%. It also helps to reduce unsubscribes by 26%. To learn more about how to make cheap, high-quality videos, watch our webinar with Paul Millican: B2B Video Production on a Budget.

Show appreciation

Thank the contact for choosing your mailing list to subscribe to. Doing this will make your contacts feel valued. You want to ensure that your user experience is amazing from the get-go. 

Call-to-action (CTA)

Include a CTA with actionable copy like “Get Started”. The CTA needs to direct the contact to a piece of content, a page on your site, meeting link etc. Adding CTAs are key, as they make your contact go to a desired destination, moving them smoothly along the user journey. 

Now that I have given you some tips on how to welcome your new contacts to your mailing list, why don’t you try and implement them into your welcome emails? If you’d like to know more about how to generate leads in more ways than email, click to download our 34 Lead Generation Tips ebook.

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