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A Short Introduction to Operations Hub

April 22, 2021

With HubSpot’s latest announcement of the Operations Hub, benefit from a more aligned, agile, and connected CRM to ensure smooth sailing when scaling up.

This week, HubSpot announced their highly anticipated, brand new Hub to accompany their existing Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs. This was of course the Operations Hub. Today, ops teams spend 80% of their time putting out data and process fires and only 20% actually driving business strategy and improving customer experience.

The ethos was clear: HubSpot recognised that as businesses grow, disconnection ensues, mistrust and miscommunication flares, and efficiency goes down the drain. A poor operation infrastructure can result in your flywheel grinding to a halt - a fundamental disaster for any inbound marketer, sales rep, or client success manager. 

HubSpot has guaranteed that with the new Operations Hub, all the intricacies that make your business the well oiled machine it is intended to be work in a more efficient, aligned and agile way, uniting all your customer data in an all in one connected platform and providing a friction free customer experience.

A seamlessly connected CRM

HubSpot recognises that traditional out-of-the-box integrations can be easy but restricting and rigid. They also recognise that custom solutions can be powerful yet costly and code-heavy. HubSpot’s data sync has the power of a custom-built connector with bidirectional sync, custom field mappings, filtering and historical syncing, in an easy, code-free package.

Keep all your customer data in-sync across all your integrated business applications and digital tools, two ways and in real time, with no third-party or foreign integration tools needed. Save precious hours of manual data entry for your teams, and align them around dependable, reliable, and consistently up-to-date data.

A self cleaning database

As your company grows and scales, it can become increasingly difficult to keep your data clean and fit for purpose. New tools and integrations get implemented; new managers with different backgrounds and experiences create new processes; new reps adopt your systems in different ways with varying levels of CRM knowledge. If you’re sophisticated in using your CRM in your business, you know that dirty data leads to inefficiency and poor experiences throughout the entire workforce. 

With the new data quality actions in workflows, you can clean your data with less time-consuming Excel work by automating annoying and time-consuming data issues. Fix date properties, cleanup country codes, capitalise last names, polish up custom properties and more with automatic data cleansing in Operations Hub. After all, your customer experience is only as clean as the data that powers it. 

Endless automation possibilities

Automation is one of HubSpot’s key selling points, keeping teams efficient and customer experience streamline and consistent. With Operations Hub, benefit from adaptable, custom automation aimed to remove friction from entire business processes, serve your ever changing customer needs, and ensure smooth sailing when scaling up. 

For example, rotate leads with custom logic and third-party queries. When a new lead lands in your CRM, query another system to determine sales rep capacity, and route the lead in HubSpot based on that information.

With the launch of the Operations Hub, HubSpot continues to ensure that they are consistently supporting their users in their journey of growth. If you’d like to know more about whether HubSpot’s Operation Hub is a good fit for your business, click here to book some time for a chat.

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