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Latest Technology for Sales People

May 22, 2018

In 2018, sales people shouldn’t have to be dealing with inefficiencies on a daily basis. Here are some of the latest technology for sales people.

In 2018, sales people shouldn’t have to be dealing with inefficiencies on a daily basis – but they are.

In a recent survey, HubSpot found that over 400 sales professionals in the UK, US and Ireland were spending a significant amount of their day on administrative tasks, with 72% spending up to an hour on data entry and 82% of salespeople and marketers losing up to an hour a day managing tools – that’s 260 hours in a year!

Writing emails, data entry, prospecting and researching leads, attending internal meetings or check-ins and scheduling meetings. These are all things that take time – and now can all be automated thanks to some clever new technology from HubSpot!


HubSpot Sales Professional Tools

  • Smart Notifications
  • Predictive Lead Scoring
  • Workflows
  • Advanced Views
  • Multiple Deal Pipelines
  • Reporting Calling
  • Product & Deal Association


With access to all of these features, it means that you can manage your entire sales pipeline with ease, all at the same time.


How does it work?

Sales Professional works alongside HubSpot’s CRM Free, meaning you can integrate and merge all of your data into one. Through this, you can save time and build better relationships with potential prospects by automating tasks, scheduling follow-ups and ensuring that a prospect never falls through.


Prospect smartly via email

Build up your email templates and sequences to create a series of emails, and when a prospect is ready to talk, set a meeting through the CRM and call directly from there. Calls can also be recorded which is handy for future reference!


As well as this, use the email notifications feature to see exactly when your emails are opened and clicked, so you can clearly see when your prospects are most engaged with your content. By monitoring when your emails are opened and clicked, make the most of the predictive lead scoring feature to allow you to focus your precious time on the right prospects.


Report and measure

Focusing on the right prospects that are engaged with your email marketing and prospecting strategies means you can see exactly how your business is doing at all times.
Make the most of all of the information readily available to you and create custom dashboards with all of your data to measure all of the metrics, from high-level to in-depth information to help move your team forward.

Using the dashboards to monitor your progress will streamline your sales and prospecting pipeline from start to finish, having complete transparency over every minute detail. By utilising the tools means your sales team will sell smarter, not harder.


Check out this video and see for yourself!


If you’d like to know more about HubSpot Sales Professional, then drop as an email to Or, if you’d like to know more about how we can help you maximise your inbound marketing and sales, then email us too – we’ll be more than happy to help!

To learn more about sales enablement click here.

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