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Sales Enablement

Everything you need to know about Sales Enablement all in one place.

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What is sales enablement?

Everybody keeps throwing around this term: sales enablement. What exactly does it mean?

Sales enablement is about creating a system where the sales and marketing teams can assist each other. Think about it like a basketball game, and the customer is the ball. Marketing is dribbling the ball down the court, directing them, moving them around obstacles. Then marketing passes the ball to the sales team. Sales shoots and the ball swishes through the net (i.e., the sales funnel). You score a sale.

Sales enablement is a strategy for providing all the things your sales team needs to help them be more effective and efficient - that is, to enable them. Those things include tools, systems, processes, training, coaching, and development.


Benefits of sales enablement

Managing a salesforce is hard. You want your team’s sales numbers to be higher, and you know they’re capable of it. But somehow, meeting your goals keeps eluding you. Sales enablement may be the answer you’re looking for. Take a look at what sales enablement is and how you could benefit from it. Ultimately, sales enable sees:

  • Planning becoming more efficient
  • Sales and marketing departments aligning their goals and processes
  • An improvement in the buyer journey and customer experience
  • An increase in sale figures


How to know when you need sales enablement

Heard about sales enablement and aren’t sure what it is or if you even need it? That’s understandable. The sales and marketing field changes at a fast pace, especially with all the tech upgrades that happen regularly. It’s hard to keep up, for anyone.

The good news is you don’t have to figure everything out on your own. That’s why we’ve created this quick article that tells you what sales enablement is and how to know when your company needs it.


Sales enablement planning

Sales enablement is about getting marketing and sales to work on the same page. In traditional strategies, there are barriers that keep marketing and sales from working together effectively.

But you don’t have to work around those barriers anymore. Modern tools and technology, like HubSpot marketing automation and sales enablement tools, remove the barriers and better align the goals of marketing and sales teams.

Click here to learn more about sales enablement planning.


How to solve some of the biggest sales enablement problems

You want to provide your sales team with the sales enablement tools and strategies that they need, but you’re not a salesperson. And there are so many tools available today, where do you even start? It can definitely be a headache. That’s why we have made this ebook to help you avoid these common pitfalls.


How do you set up sales enablement?

If you run a B2B business, you need to make sure your sales team is running as a well-oiled machine. Competition for clients is fierce. But you don’t have to fall behind.

Having the right strategies in place to utilise current technology to the maximum effect will put you ahead of competitors and increase your ROI in sales and marketing.

Check out this blog to see our top picks for sales enablement tools


Measuring the effectiveness of sales enablement

Analytics can be one of the trickiest parts of sales enablement. You want to improve your methods and efficiency, but how do you know what’s working?

That’s where having the right KPIs (key performance indicators) comes in handy when paired with HubSpot Sales tools.

We have made a list of which KPIs to focus on when it comes to sales enablement effectiveness. 


Why you should integrate your CRM with sales enablement

Your sales team has a hard enough job as it is. They have the most intimate relationship with your customers of anyone in your company. And they are responsible for nurturing that relationship and making the business look good.

Why not make their job a little easier? It’s good for your sales team and good for the reputation of the business.

One way to quickly improve the experience of your sales reps and customers is to integrate your CRM with a sales enablement tool like HubSpot. 


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