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How You Could Benefit From Sales Enablement

November 11, 2019

Lost leads. Missed opportunities. Inefficient communication channels. Managing a salesforce is hard. Sales Enablement can help.

Lost leads. Missed opportunities. Inefficient communication channels. Managing a salesforce is hard.

You want your team’s sales numbers to be higher, and you know they’re capable of it. But somehow, meeting your goals keeps eluding you.

Sales enablement may be the answer you’re looking for. Take a look at what sales enablement is and how you could benefit from it.

A brief explanation of sales enablement

What exactly is sales enablement? It’s a strategy for providing all the things your sales team needs to help them be more effective and efficient--that is, to enable them. Those things include tools, systems, processes, training, coaching, and development.

By optimising your sales enablement strategy, you make it easier for your sales team to do their job better.

Not convinced that you need sales enablement? Check out the benefits…

The benefits of sales enablement

When you implement sales enablement, these are a few of the benefits that can come about:

● Planning becomes more efficient. Instead of wading through dead leads, your team will be able to filter and identify the warm leads so that they are following up with those most likely to convert to sales. Unplanned selling methods rarely work, but targeted selling plans do.

● The sales and marketing departments can align their goals and processes. Your marketing team is likely spending a good deal of their budget on content creation. But if the content isn’t getting used, then that’s a waste. Instead, salespeople need to know what content is available so that they can direct customers to further information and facilitate the sale.

● You will improve the buyer journey and customer experience. Every interaction customers have with your brand and your sales team influences the way they think about your brand, and the way they talk about it to other people they know. Sales enablement makes their process smoother by empowering your sales team with the tools they need to build the trust and confidence of customers.

● You’ll likely see increased sales figures. The result of better plans, inter-departmental cooperation, and better customer experience is more sales.

How to get started with sales enablement

Setting up a sales enablement plan is about creating a scalable and repeatable process for lead conversions that the entire sales team can follow. This includes optimising and centralising sales content, such as email templates, sales decks, case studies, and white papers. These items should be easily searchable by all members of the sales team.

Sales enablement can bring some exceptional benefits, and once you are started it is an easy strategy to stick to.

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