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Curtailing the Clock: The Indispensable Role of 'Time to Value' in Deploying HubSpot

June 09, 2023

In the landscape of business software deployment, the most gratifying moment is seeing a new system begin to yield tangible, beneficial results. This is where the concept of Time to Value (TtV) reigns supreme. Allow me to explain.

Time to Value (TtV): A Definition and Its Relevance in Today's Business Landscape

Time to Value is the time duration from the point of making an investment in a new system, process, or product until it starts delivering substantial benefits or value. It’s a critical business metric since it measures the efficiency and effectiveness of an investment. We're all racing against the clock in today's fast-paced digital world, and TtV helps us keep pace.
To put it simply, a shorter TtV means quicker benefits realisation, happier stakeholders, and improved return on investment (ROI). This is even more relevant when deploying a comprehensive solution like HubSpot.

Quantifying Success: How to Measure TtV During and After HubSpot Implementation

How do we go about measuring TtV? It's all about clear planning, tangible timelines, and precise KPIs. Let's start with understanding the specific value HubSpot brings to your business. Is it about improved lead generation, streamlined marketing automation, or better customer service?

Establish SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals aligned with these value elements. These will be your guiding compass during the implementation process and will also serve as your success metrics post-implementation.

Here's a simple formula to calculate TtV:

TtV = Time (from start of implementation) - Time (to achieve predetermined SMART goals)

The lower the TtV, the faster you've achieved your goals, and the quicker you've realised value from your investment.

Imagine you are running a sales team and you need to define what value might look like:

  • Enhance Sales Pipeline Visibility: Achieve 100% adoption of HubSpot's deal tracking among the sales team within one month to improve forecasting accuracy.
  • Improve Lead Conversion Rate: Within the next quarter, increase the lead conversion rate by 15% using HubSpot's CRM and sales tools for improved follow-up and personalised interaction with leads.
  • Boost Sales Productivity: Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks by 30% within two months by leveraging HubSpot’s sales automation features.
  • Increase Customer Engagement: Increase email open rates by 20% over the next six months by utilising HubSpot’s email tracking and analytics to optimise email timing and content.
  • Streamline Sales Process: Reduce sales cycle length by 10% in the next quarter by implementing HubSpot's pipeline management features for faster deal closure

HubSpot Advantage: How an Integrated Platform Can Improve TtV

HubSpot shines when it comes to improving TtV. Its all-in-one platform brings marketing, sales, and customer service tools under one roof, eliminating the need to juggle multiple systems. This cohesion reduces the learning curve, promotes a smooth transition, and ultimately, accelerates TtV.

Check out what HubSpot has on offer here.

One of our clients at BBD Boom, a mid-size e-commerce company, found their TtV with HubSpot was a mere 20 days. They were able to quickly leverage HubSpot's CRM to boost their customer engagement. We have other larger clients when the project duration was many months, the TtV for certain teams was less than 60 days. Have a look at some of our case-studies here.

A Step-by-Step Guide: Implementing HubSpot With TtV at the Forefront

To keep TtV at the heart of your HubSpot implementation, follow these steps:

  1. Identify Your Value Elements: Define what success means for your business.

  2. Set SMART Goals: Align these goals with your value elements. Make sure they're quantifiable and time-bound.

  3. Plan Your Implementation: Break down the process into tasks, each with its timeline, to avoid sloppy planning.

  4. Monitor Progress: Regularly track your performance against your goals.

  5. Adjust as Needed: If things are not going according to plan, don't hesitate to adjust your approach.

Practical Strategies to Accelerate TtV When Using HubSpot

As you gear up for your HubSpot implementation with a focus on TtV, here are some practical strategies to speed up the value realisation:

  • Use HubSpot's Onboarding Tools: HubSpot offers a range of onboarding resources. Utilise them fully.

  • Bring in a partner: If you are new to HubSpot or are short on time - then get the experts in to fast track your implementation.

  • Train Your Team: Ensure your team understands the platform well. The more proficient they are, the quicker you'll see value.

  • Leverage HubSpot's Integrations: HubSpot's vast integrations can help streamline processes, thus improving TtV.

  • Continually Optimise: Keep refining your workflows and processes based on HubSpot's insights and analytics.

A bit more on training. At BBD Boom, we're big believers in hands-on and on-site training during HubSpot onboarding. We've found that this approach not only helps our clients get up to speed faster but also significantly improves their TtV. It's a strategy born out of our own experience. When we first adopted HubSpot internally, this hands-on approach helped us understand the system's intricacies and appreciate its value within just a few weeks.

Find out more by talking to me here or message me on Linkedin.

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