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22 HubSpot Features to Look Out for in 2022

January 28, 2022

In this blog post, BBD Boom shares their 22 most anticipated HubSpot updates that users should look out for in the year of 2022.

2022 is set to be a promising year for inbound marketing - but what does HubSpot have in store for the year ahead? 

Adam Lewis and Sam Gale from BBD Boom sat down to talk about some upcoming updates that they, alongside our customers, are most excited about. Here are just a few (remember to check out the full list at the end of this blog):

Campaign templates 

With so many ways that you can customise your marketing materials within HubSpot, campaigns should be no different. But what if you have no idea where to start from scratch?

Well, in 2022, HubSpot is discussing introducing the concept of campaign templates into Marketing Hub. With these out-of-the-box templates, creating multi-channel projects to generate leads will be easier than ever.

Product recommendations in email

Wish to showcase a brand new product that will interest your audience? Wish to promote a service that is convenient to the nurture email that you are sending out to your customer base? 

In the past, you might have added a quick link to entice the email recipient to click and convert into a paying customer - but this added an extra step to the browsing experience. 

With this exciting new feature, you can now add your specially selected products to the email itself, allowing the customer to scroll through the product catalogue that you created and consider you as a provider of choice even faster!

Website interactives 

With an increased amount of effort and resources being put into CMS functionality within HubSpot, users can really benefit from hosting their company’s website on HubSpot. That is even more the case in 2022, with an upcoming roll out of website interactives. 

This exciting feature encourages an even higher amount of interactivity that your website visitors can partake in. Let’s say they are visiting a year-specific page on your latest products, but you have a brand new blog post about your latest products that is much more ‌relevant. With the website interactives function, you can generate a pop-up that notifies them of this page, with a call to action button to take them to the blog post.

This allows for even more precise targeting based on the user’s position in the buyer’s journey and increases the likelihood of a successful goal conversion. 

Better data curation

With the new year, there is also a new way that data sets can be managed. 

With better data curation within HubSpot, datasets can be created and saved with a more sophisticated functionality, allowing for easier and more time-efficient reporting. 

For businesses working with vast amounts of data, this is great news; as with this exciting new feature, datasets can be combined in new ways, further on from the existing data points in the custom report builder. 

This feature also enables more and more businesses to use HubSpot as the main centre for data management, as it allows for all your insights to be directly available within your HubSpot dashboards. 

Mobile Helpdesk 

Imagine this - your desktop device is having some trouble and you aren’t able to work from it, but a valuable client is having an issue using your service or product and the situation is urgent. What do you do? 

Before this, you would not be able to assist the customer as quickly, or as efficiently. HubSpot has come up with a solution for these and other similar situations - with a Mobile Helpdesk feature. 

Through the handy HubSpot app, you will be able to access your helpdesk portal and attend to your clients and customers when they need your help the most. 

Private Apps

Private apps are just another way to implement custom integrations, with a unique line of code that can be implemented internally and not within the publicly available HubSpot app marketplace. 

This feature app acts like a native integration, except it's more custom built for your HubSpot needs.

Enhanced SEO tools

With the new year, HubSpot is aiming to revolutionise your HubSpot website even further through upgrading the SEO tool. With this, the user can not only make recommended changes within their webpages, but also see how these changes made are affecting their website. This creates more insight into your SEO performance and will help you connect the dots, to establish the cause and effect of your website performance. 

This is a significant step in businesses being able to highlight which changes are making the most positive impact.  

These are just a few features that BBD Boom is looking forward to the most in 2022.

Still wanting to find out more? Watch the recording of our webinar, in which many more features are discussed by BBD Boom’s Adam Lewis and Sam Gale.

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