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Why We Set Up an Inbound Lead Generation Service

July 31, 2017

We are an inbound lead generation service. Our mission is growth. We want to help businesses grow faster with a better quality sales pipeline.

As you can see, we have just set up a new business. It’s an incredibly exciting and busy time. I wanted to explain why we have created BBD Boom.

We are an inbound lead generation service. Our mission is growth. We want to help businesses grow faster with a better quality sales pipeline. Every business needs a steady stream of sales leads to survive, but many struggle to get the volume of quality leads they need.

For example, in a B2B context, a quality lead could be an individual with the right job title, from the right business and they are actively researching a solution like the one you offer. Not a tyre kicker or time-waster.

Finding these quality leads is harder because the world of sales and marketing has changed dramatically.

Inbound is about attracting leads to you because you are helpful, relevant and trusted. It’s about great content. It brings together the full range of digital channels from social, blogging, SEO, re-marketing to email marketing, into one unified system that is focused on attracting website visitors, converting them into leads and then nurturing them into a customer.

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The gap in the market

My business partner, Emma Lynch and I set up BBD Boom because we see a gap in the market. Well four gaps actually:

Outbound marketing is less effective with 'hard-to-reach' buyers

If your buyer is someone who is unlikely to open emails or answer a call from a sales person, then outbound marketing will be of limited use and its time to dial up your inbound investment. I spoke to someone the other day, who uses an appointment setting service for their business, even though they never take any sales calls that they get!

Organisations are struggling to feed the marketing automation beast

Marketing automation systems such as HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot etc, help to deliver more personalised content to specific personas in a more efficient and intelligent way. This sounds great. But it means more content. More content, tailored to each persona and more content to reflect each stage of the buyer journey. BBD Boom is built around the needs of marketing automation, to help clients produce content cost-effectively to maintain lead generation and lead nurture efforts.

The big boys are investing in inbound but many mid-market businesses aren’t

This stuff works. I know because Emma and I have been helping global business like IBM, Box, Visa, Symantec and Thomson Reuters who have invested heavily in marketing automation and inbound marketing. It helps give them an edge in their highly complex and competitive markets. Our goal is to bring this level of thinking to mid-market businesses to get the same results.

Sales and marketing activity is misaligned.

Sales people sometimes complain that marketing aren’t delivering enough quality leads. It is also the case that marketing folks think sales should be better at converting the leads they have got! Sound familiar? The fact is, the sales and marketing process is inextricably linked. That’s why we help clients from top of the funnel content for lead generation, through to help and advice on the inbound sales process. Our technology helps us track and attribute everything from a click on a social media post, or a re-marketing ad or a webinar back to the sale. So our clients know what drives revenue and what doesn’t.

How we are different

Vs. Agency

My co-founder Emma Lynch and I stand for using technology to improve marketing performance and make life easier for our clients and staff. So, our processes are built around the needs of marketing automation, taking the pain away for our clients. We stand against the old agency models that struggle to demonstrate ROI and those that charge by the hour and not by outputs and outcomes. So you can expect, fixed pricing for agreed outputs. No account management fees and laser sharp focus on CPL and ROI.

Vs. Outbound Lead Generation Services

I have spent the last year extensively researching the techniques of outbound sales services from web-scraping, to automated mass email shots and simple smile and dial cold calling. There will always be a place for them in the mix. I spoke to someone recently, who landed a £500,000 deal after 6 months on a £500 a month outbound email bombardment programme. However, we focus on inbound techniques and how the two approaches can work together better. For example outbound works really well when a prospect has just downloaded a lead magnet. The chances of having a good sales call are much better than a cold call.

How we work

One of the best things about setting up your own business is you can create your own job description! At BBD Boom my role is head of engineering and ideas. The marketing engineering (also called marketing operations) is all about the plumbing and wiring that makes it all happen. So programming the marketing automation systems workflows, integrations with CRM or website or ad platforms or setting up lead scoring. The ideas side is developing the strategy and content plans that will resonant with the buyer and attract them with lead magnets.

Emma heads up customer success, so looking after business operations and helping to make sure our clients get great results. BBD Boom has come together with the support of David Ford and Jonathan Clark at Bright Blue Day, hence the BBD bit of BBD Boom. It’s great to know as a start-up we have the backing of the bigger resources of Bright Blue Day.

Who we can help

Please get in contact if you want to chat or comment about anything we discuss here. I would be happy to advise in anyway I can. Reach me at

BBD Boom might be a good fit to help you acquire better quality leads if ANY of the following are true. You have:

  • A website that is not generating enough leads for you
  • A ‘hard-to-reach’ buyer
  • A product or service with a high average order value (in the thousands)
  • A considered buying cycle, not a quick purchase and so they need to be nurtured
  • Marketing activity that you can’t measure how it is contributing to sales funnel
  • A sales team that want better quality leads

Thanks for listening!

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