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Why You Need to Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency

July 30, 2018

Dabbled with the idea of hiring an inbound marketing agency? Things have changed and are still changing.

Dabbled with the idea of hiring an inbound marketing agency? Things have changed and are still changing.

Techniques that were once successful in maximising business have become infamous with being intrusive, paving the way for inbound.

But, in taking on an inbound strategy, there are new skills and techniques to be learnt. It is therefore key to consider the capabilities of your in-house team, in order to ensure that you are streamlining your strategy and maximising every opportunity available. That’s where an inbound marketing agency comes in.

Hiring an inbound agency can fill the skills void in your team with a new team full of expertise, helping your business to generate more leads and more revenue and also giving your original team more time to focus on other projects – win win!

An inbound marketing agency isn’t for everyone, but here are some reasons why hiring an agency will be the perfect fit for your business.

Specialised skills set

An inbound agency already has all the skills you need to maximise your lead generation. They are a fully-formed all singing, all dancing team ready to offer you advice and support at your beck and call. They will be experts in strategy and know exactly how to implement an effective strategy straight away into your business.

Lack of budget/saving money!

Believe it or not, hiring an inbound agency is actually cheaper than hiring a team of people to do it in-house. You don’t need to create more office space, kit out the desks and think about the financial intricacies such as National Insurance etc. You just pay the same fee that you have agreed on and will always get the services you have paid for.

Improved productivity

Agencies are specialised in what they do and do it day in day out for so many different businesses. Because of this they can get you up and running in no time – it’s second nature to them! Added to that, they know how long everything takes and can prioritise via order of importance. As well as this, they want to keep having your business, so they’re going to want to do the best possible job for you to stop you going elsewhere!

Objective feedback and realistic targets

You know how the saying goes, when you’re in a situation sometimes it’s hard to see outside of it. It’s exactly that. An outsider, i.e. an inbound agency is able to look in and see exactly what works, what doesn’t and what can be done to improve processes and strategy. They won’t be attached to certain things that people have spent time creating that don’t work and are now an ineffective use of time. They will be able to tell you the facts with expert advice.

Improved sales

It goes without saying, if you’ve overhauled your strategy and got experts working alongside your team, then you’re going to be achieving higher sales. Fact.

An inbound marketing agency will be able to guide you through different strategies to find the best ways of creating high quality leads for you to nurture.

Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

What next?

If you’ve realised that actually, you do need a helping hand with your inbound marketing, or you’d like a hand in starting to do inbound marketing, then drop us an email at and we’ll be able to give you advice on what’s best for your business.

To learn more about inbound marketing click here.

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