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Ultimate Guide To HubSpot Integration With WordPress

October 31, 2019

HubSpot integrates with so many other apps is one of the features that makes it so useful for pulling together marketing strategies.

HubSpot is one of the best inbound marketing tools around. And the fact that it integrates with so many other apps is one of the features that makes it so useful for pulling together marketing strategies.

Your website is also a top tool for inbound lead generation, and if you’re like the majority of businesses, you run your site on WordPress. So you’ll be happy to know that WordPress and HubSpot can be integrated to work together, creating a powerful inbound marketing tool combination.

You can put that power behind your marketing strategy. Read this guide to learn the benefits of WordPress HubSpot integration and how it works.

What you can do with WordPress HubSpot integration

One thing that WordPress and HubSpot have in common is the amount of flexibility they offer for your marketing plan. HubSpot has hundreds of native integrations and thousands of possible integrations if you use connectors, and WordPress has thousands of plug-ins, thanks to it being an open-source platform.

Once the two apps are integrated, you can:

● Use HubSpot to improve keyword and on-page SEO.

● Simplify the placement of lead generating forms and split test versions.

● Utilise HubSpot’s custom pop-up forms on your site.

● Track and nurture leads that are generated from your site, all within HubSpot.

● Track the performance of the CTAs (calls to action) on your site.

● Embed the HubSpot contact form on your “Contact Us” page so that you can get instant notifications to follow up with a lead. In fact, leads from your contact page are some of the most important to follow up with because if they are reaching out to you, then they are likely ready to buy or close to buying.

The benefits of integration

HubSpot allows you to organise your website marketing efforts by putting all your data in one place.

And here’s how that benefits your company:

● More traffic to your site.

● More visitors converting into leads.

● And more leads converting into paying customers.

Not only that, but HubSpot helps you to keep serving those customers so that they eventually become fans who promote your brand themselves, generating even more inbound traffic and conversions.

You could use multiple WordPress plug-ins to achieve better traffic and conversions, but the data would be spread across multiple locations and disorganised. That makes it more difficult for you to analyse data trends, and it increases the time you need to make decisions based on the data.

That time is precious in terms of adapting effective marketing strategies.

How the integration works

Connecting HubSpot and WordPress is a native integration, and it only takes one step to set up (just make sure you already have both a WordPress and HubSpot account set up first):

  1. While logged in to your WordPress account, install the HubSpot plug-in. It will pull data from your site into your HubSpot account.

That’s it.

Our team at BBD Boom has a lot more ideas about ways you can increase the efficiency of your inbound marketing plan with HubSpot integrations. Click here to find out more about how we can set up integrations for you quickly and easily.

To learn more about integrations click here.

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