Livingstone is one of the largest independent global providers of Software Portfolio Management, SAM, ITAM and optimisation services. Livingstone's award-winning services are made to increase cost-efficiency and effective management of software across platforms. 

Livingstone was ultimately looking for some extensive paid media training, where they can get expert knowledge on how to implement a campaign through the LinkedIn campaign manager. As well as this, they also wanted to know how they can make the most out of the LinkedIn ads feature within their HubSpot portal. This training came off the back of the HubSpot audit that Boom conducted for them. 

Without undergoing this in-depth training, Livingstone’s LinkedIn ads would have remained unoptimised, resulting in a significant loss of revenue and a missed opportunity to acquire new leads during campaigns. 

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The first step in this training project was for a member of Boom’s Solution team to create a presentation for the training session. Boom’s Inbound Specialist’s draw from their extensive experience to ensure that training is tailored specifically to the client’s needs and expectations. As Livingstone is already a HubSpot customer, it was also made sure that the presentation contained sufficient information about LinkedIn ads features that are accessible within their portal. 

To maintain clarity throughout the training session, Boom urged Livingstone to ask questions. Making the session fully interactive was key to making sure all information had been fully understood. If questions came up that Boom were unable to immediately address, these were noted, with answers emailed to Livingstone as soon as possible. Livingstone also received a brief review of their LinkedIn campaign manager. This gave Livingstone a starting point of what aspects needed improvement.  We also put a large focus on conversion tracking and the importance of tracking leads gained through a campaign from the onset. These ultimately help to monitor success and optimise.

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At the end of the 90-minute training, Boom was praised for their extensiveness and marketing knowledge. Livingstone also expressed their appreciation on how tailored the training was to their business and their goals. This session left Livingstone confident that they could use their campaign manager to the best of their abilities, ultimately leading to them generating more leads during their campaign, increasing the potential for more revenue. Boom and Livingstone have since worked together on a number of microsolutions with plans in place for larger projects as well.

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