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Inbound vs Outbound - Who’s the Real Winner?

April 20, 2018

Confused between the pros and cons of inbound and outbound sales? You’re not the only one. These two very different sales techniques do overlap.

Confused between the pros and cons of inbound and outbound sales?

You’re not the only one. These two very different sales techniques do overlap, and when they work hand in hand, they can make your lead generation and sales funnel a whole lot stronger. We've run an inbound vs outbound masterclass webinar on the 17th April, so if this is something you’d like to know more of, check out the recording!


The inbound way

When it comes to inbound marketing and sales, it’s all about organisation. It’s all about having your buyer personas, a strong website and social platforms amongst many others working together to create powerful touchpoints and lead magnets for your prospects to engage with. Inbound is well known for being a lot cheaper than outbound with proven results.

“Inbound marketing works by earning someone’s attention, rather than buying it.”


Six steps towards warming up prospects

It all comes down to six steps to ensure you are successfully nurturing and engaging with your potential prospects on their lead journey. These include:


  • Lead sourcing – How exactly can you do this well to source the best leads for your business?
  • Lead magnets – Are you making relevant content for your prospects to download and engage with?
  • Automated email outreach – Ensuring you are offering relevant content and are not spamming!
  • Social selling – Are your social media pages all up to date?
  • Prospect retargeting with social advertising – Are you following your prospects on their online journeys to remind them of your services?
  • Prospect retargeting with banner ads – Again, are you following your prospect round the web?


The four inbound triggers to help outbound

Outbound marketing and sales works well as a result of these techniques. Use different triggers to make outbound way more successful. These include:


  • Social media engagement – Ensure you’re engaging with prospects online!
  • Target company website visit – Take a look at their website and see what they need.
  • Prospect website revisit – Look at their website multiple times to ensure you’re familiar.
  • Lead scoring triggers – Nurture your leads and create a lead scoring system so that you can send out triggers based on this.


All together, these techniques work to create the ultimate lead generation machine for your business, thus maximising your ROI.


Check out the recording

Want to learn more? We've run an exclusive webinar on the 17th April exploring all the techniques with inbound and outbound sales. Watch the recording now to hear inbound marketing expert, Adam Lewis and outbound marketing expert, Dan Vanrenen battle it out in a head to head inbound vs outbound sales masterclass.

To learn more about inbound marketing click here.

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