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Sales Enablement Best Practices For Enterprises

October 24, 2019

What would you rather your sales reps be doing -- spending time actively selling or spending time on admin tasks?

What would you rather your sales reps be doing -- spending time actively selling or spending time on admin tasks?

Admin is required, no doubt. But it’s not necessary for your sales team to take care of all of it. Instead, you can automate sales administration with the right sales enablement tools and practices

So here are the best practices we suggest for sales enablement for enterprises…

Get your teams on the same page

First of all, sales enablement requires the cooperation of both the sales department and the marketing department. So if you’re going to implement best practices, you need to get both teams cooperating on efforts together. Ideally, you want the entire buyer journey to be coordinated from initial prospect marketing through to closing of the sale.

Additionally, you need each of these departments to be on board with your sales enablement plan. Implementing the tools and practices just isn’t going to work if your people aren’t actually using them -- or aren’t using them optimally.

Get data and content to the sales team

So much focus on content is geared solely to the marketing team. But this is a huge mistake. Sales needs to be in on what’s happening in the marketing department. If you develop a buyer journey and buyer persona based on data from marketing, make sure that the sales team also gets that information. It really can help them when dealing with the real-life person on the other end of the sale.

The marketing team should also be making content accessible for the sales team. Sales needs to be familiar with the content and able to find and share it with leads and customers when they need it. After all, if your sales rep has an actual conversation going on with someone, it’s the perfect time to direct them to relevant content.

Good sales enablement software applications will help immensely with organising content for the sales team to find quickly and easily.

When something works, make it part of the process

Here’s a really smart thing that top performing companies do. They track the sales process of their highest performing reps. And when they pinpoint what it is that person is doing right, they train the rest of the team to follow the same steps.

Having tools that document the sales process as your reps use them allows for easy analysis and sharing.

Start with a tool that can connect to nearly anything

The sales enablement tool we suggest most often at BBD Boom is HubSpot. It can be integrated with nearly any other application you use through our custom integration process. So all your data is synced and accessible by both the sales and marketing team. That means all the notes entered during marketing automation are viewable by reps to make deals go smoother.

To find out more about how BBD Boom could help you with your sales enablement visit our website

To learn more about sales enablement click here.

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