K2, a firm that supports the organisation of business and project within the industry of renewables and environment, needed a reliable HubSpot agency that would deliver as promised in order to expand brand and generate leads.






K2 already had HubSpot, so through working with BBD Boom they wanted to optimise the use of the marketing platform and focus on generating more leads.







Working with Boom is a pleasure. We get in contact with people we would never have had contact with, whether that is paid or organic traffic. And the quality of leads has really increased.

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The first step with K2 was to complete an audit of their use of Hubspot. This specifically looked into the performance of current workflows, and into which landing pages were performing the best and the worst. In this audit, each part of HubSpot was ranked in how well it was being used, These rankings were then presented to K2 along with recommendations on how to optimise the sections that needed working on.

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The next few months were then spent implementing the optimisation strategies, so that when a campaign was set up and live, all aspects of HubSpot as a marketing tool were used to their full capacity. 

From there, the focus shifted to getting the first campaign out. Boom and K2 worked together to produce the first campaign centred around solar power. This campaign included the creation and development of gated content, in the form of an ebook which was used as a  lead magnet, the advertising of the ebook and a final report on its success. 

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In the advertising of this campaign Boom tested 4 platforms, and discovered that LinkedIn was the best way to attract more leads. In doing this they also learnt that Adwords didn’t work, therefore they stopped using adwords and focused on LinkedIn. 

Boom also optimised K2’s email marketing; changing the timings of the emails being sent out, the layout of the email designs and the amount of content. They also audited the content being sent out through email to discover what was successful and what wasn’t. This lead to further optimisation by categorising the content according to buyer personas onshore and offshore. 

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Additionally, Boom enhanced the contact form on K2’s website. Taking it from being one complex form that was used by anyone around the globe, to a smart form where the content varies depending on the country it is being accessed from.

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The first campaign run with Boom generated 89 leads, resulting in 31 MQLs. These conversion rates were far higher than their average rates, meaning their sales team had more opportunities to reach out to new prospects and sell their services.

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Boom and K2 have formed an incredibly valuable strategic partnership. As part of a retainer-based arrangement, Boom proactively monitors K2’s content and portal, making recommendations and proactively solving problems and optimising content every single month. From SEO improvements to website wireframes to nurture strategies, Boom’s improvements help K2 to know that their HubSpot investment is being well looked after so they can focus on what they do best.

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