Lumi Global is one of the world’s leaders in real-time meeting technology. They needed a complete website refresh to properly reflect the current state of their business, whilst also enabling for company growth and improvements in their user journey and experience.

The primary driving force that urged Lumi to approach Boom for their website redesign was that their business had evolved past what their website was originally built for. As Lumi now focussed on being a solutions provider, they needed a more elegant and sophisticated website that gave visitors a better path to the wide range of solutions that Lumi provides, whilst also highlighting the benefits of each one.

Challenges Lumi faced with their current website included that it was hard to update, with marketing needing to go through a separate third party provider whenever something needed to be added or changed. Due to Lumi operating internationally, this was made especially challenging due to them operating under three separate language domains. As well as issues with the user journey, users also even found it difficult to identify what Lumi actually did as a business, meaning that they experienced consistently high bounce and exit rates. 

Finding a solution was critical. At the rate their company was changing and growing, there was no way they could have solved these challenges by continuing to tack on messy micro solutions. 



The tech that their previous website was built on ultimately did not live up to the functionality needed for a transnational corporation. Therefore, BBD Boom recommended HubSpot CMS Pro for their website to reinforce the attract, engage, delight methodology.

The process involved a significant strategy and development period that made sure the structure of the website better supported Lumi’s brand and their future direction. As standard for any website rebuild, wireframes that nailed down user experience were developed, so that when design began, they properly reflected how Lumi wanted their leads to navigate through their website.

Boom then exported all content from the existing website, determined what needed to be updated, then began to build it within HubSpot in a way that better aligned with their new messaging and goals. Due to HubSpot’s powerful yet user-friendly CMS, they could easily include much more rich media on the homepage in the form of photos, videos, and other interactive content that was much more relevant to the individual who landed there. 

Finally, SEO was a huge priority for Lumi, so they wanted to maintain their high search rankings during migration. Thanks to HubSpot’s integrated SEO tools, Boom’s expert Solutions Team implemented an effective SEO maintenance plan to ensure that previous work done on SEO did not suffer.

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From completion of the strategy period to final implementation, the process took a total of two weeks. Contrary to their initial concern, Lumi actually saw an 18 point increase in SEO score, despite a full site restructure and dozens of redirects implemented. Lumi saw a 28% increase in closed won deals, which ultimately resulted in a 56% increase in monthly revenue.

From the user perspective, visitors now know exactly how to navigate the website on arrival. From a business perspective, Lumi now has a single platform for marketing, where they can track and edit different elements of the website all in one place without having to reach out to third parties or implement across multiple sites.

Thanks to HubSpot’s multi-language content settings, Boom was able to consolidate Lumi’s three separate language domains all under one web address, where the user now has the ability to easily switch language via the language switcher at the top of each page.

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Lumi and Boom have a long-standing client relationship, including content campaigns, custom reporting, sales enablement, and more. Watch our talk with Lumi’s CMO; Kerry Leighton-Bailey, where we explore how we made her redundant HubSpot portal into a seven figure revenue machine.
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