Netitude are a customer-focused and award-winning Managed Service Provider who help clients achieve business goals through championing their technology. With a newfound, internal passion for inbound marketing, Netitude had a lot of enthusiasm, but didn’t know where to start when generating marketing leads. 

With underperforming marketing channels, such as a poor website user journey and high paid media CPL, they were not happy with their current marketing agency they worked with. Netitude wanted to not only boost marketing performance, but to empower their own teams to become experts in lead generation and to get back control of their own marketing strategy and execution.

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The proposed strategy was Boom’s tried and tested Inbound Game Plan.

We kicked off the Inbound Game Plan project with a series of three sessions designed to unpick the historical strategy and start to develop a new one. The purpose of these sessions was to inform a twelve-month marketing strategy, so we dove deep into everything we needed to recommend the right content, channels and targeting. The sessions consisted of building ideal customer profiles, working on buyer personas, and spotlighting brand values and USPs. The goal was to take these elements and translate them into an actionable marketing plan, complete with channels, keywords, and even specific content types and topics.

From the start, Netitude knew that they wanted to own the implementation of the game plan, but with strategic support from a partner. So as a follow-up to the creation of the game plan, Boom’s team began coaching the Netitude team regularly. Once a week, Boom’s Solutions Team provides tactical coaching to Netitude’s Marketing Executive, whilst once a month, Boom’s Client Success Director provides strategic coaching to Netitude’s Marketing Manager. Both coaching sessions allowed for ongoing support of the Inbound Game Plan, ensuring implementation has the desired results. To support any implementation snags, Boom’s expert Solutions Team are on standby to lend a helping hand and complete any additional projects.

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The results exceeded expectations for Netitude.

Netitude owning the Game Plan implementation, paired with the ongoing coaching, allowed them to learn and appreciate inbound marketing themselves, whilst being able to lean on an agency who were true experts in HubSpot and lead generation best practice. Ultimately, the Game Plan guided Netitude in the right strategic direction, giving them the confidence to boost their inbound content outputs, knowing they would get the ROI desired. 

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Because of the success of the game plan, Boom and Netitude have partnered on many different projects. Not only did they renew the coaching contract after the initial period, but Boom now also manage Netitude’s paid media and have helped with the strategy and scoping of Netitude’s new website, which they are building themselves in the HubSpot CMS.

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