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Streamlining Workflows and Unifying Marketing Efforts

This case study details Alcumus' journey with BBD Boom in optimising their marketing workflows using HubSpot. Discover how Alcumus, a leader in risk management and compliance solutions, overcame challenges with HubSpot and evolved their marketing strategies. Learn about the custom solutions provided by BBD Boom, including lifecycle changes, enhanced reporting, and seamless marketing journeys, leading to significant improvements in workflow efficiency and marketing effectiveness.

Streamlining Workflows and Unifying Marketing Efforts
Alcumus, a leading provider of risk management and compliance solutions, approached BBD Boom in March 2022 with a request for assistance in optimising its marketing workflows. What initially started as a 10-hour project quickly evolved into a comprehensive support retainer, as Alcumus faced challenges in utilising HubSpot effectively. With its inherited HubSpot setup and limited knowledge of the platform, Alcumus desired guidance to leverage its full potential. Read on to discover how BBD Boom addressed these challenges and transformed Alcumus' marketing landscape.
The Challenge
Alcumus houses multiple brands, including SafeContractor, SafeSupplier, SafeWorkforce and ISOQAR. Each brand has its unique processes, necessitating a thorough evaluation and mapping of their operations.  The primary objectives were to establish custom workflows, design email templates, enhance reporting capabilities, and provide comprehensive training to empower Alcumus to manage its entire marketing operations on the HubSpot platform.
The Solution
To address Alcumus' needs, BBD Boom implemented several key solutions:
  1. Custom Lifecycle Changes and Scoring: BBD Boom set up custom lifecycle changes and scoring mechanisms, enabling Alcumus to gain insights into each contact's engagement and interaction with its respective brands. This valuable data helps refine its marketing strategies and improve customer targeting.
  2. Enhanced Reporting and Dashboards: Recognising the lack of comprehensive statistics, BBD Boom collaborated with Alcumus to define the essential metrics required for effective decision-making. Customised dashboards were created to provide real-time visibility into new sign-ups, renewals, leads, and MQLs. This data-driven approach empowered Alcumus to measure the success of its marketing efforts accurately.
  3. Seamless Marketing Journeys: BBD Boom worked closely with Alcumus to migrate its marketing journeys from the previous platform, DotDigital, to HubSpot. By recreating its email templates and designing custom-branded landing pages, BBD Boom ensured a cohesive and engaging customer experience across all touchpoints. Additionally, Alcumus received guidance in building and integrating emails into its workflows for automated campaign execution.
  4. Ongoing Support and Knowledge Sharing: We conduct monthly update meetings to keep Alcumus informed about new product releases in HubSpot and educate them on utilising different tools and features. Through this collaborative approach, BBD Boom enables Alcumus to leverage additional HubSpot functionalities, including transactional emails and integrating SMS texts within its workflows. This knowledge sharing fosters a continuous improvement mindset.

The Outcome
At BBD Boom, we recognise that trust forms the bedrock of any successful partnership. Throughout the duration of the project, our team prioritised cultivating a robust foundation of trust with Alcumus, fostering an environment of open communication, transparent collaboration, and a shared dedication to achieving the desired outcomes.
From the outset, BBD Boom seamlessly integrated with Alcumus, functioning as a natural extension of its own team. By immersing ourselves, we gained deep insights into Alcumus’ unique challenges and aspirations. This deep level of understanding allowed us to tailor our solutions and recommendations to suit its specific needs, ensuring maximum alignment and effectiveness.
In addition to providing technical expertise and implementation support, we placed a strong emphasis on empowering Alcumus through upskilling initiatives. By imparting our knowledge and sharing best practices, we equipped its team with the necessary tools and capabilities to optimise its workflows and drive efficiencies. Through this collaborative approach, we worked hand-in-hand with Alcumus to enhance its internal processes, resulting in improved operational effectiveness and streamlined execution.
Alcumus has experienced significant improvements in its workflow implementations. The collaborative partnership between BBD Boom and Alcumus has yielded tangible results, driving enhanced efficiencies, optimised processes, and improved outcomes. Together, we have not only achieved the desired objectives but also laid a solid foundation for future growth and success.
"Working with BBD Boom has been a pleasure. From a clear onboarding journey to exceptional support, with anything we need; they've been flexible, responsive, and knowledgeable. Our internal skill-set has increased dramatically and it is entirely due to their support. They understand our business and consistently provide the best solutions. BBD Boom has truly been an invaluable partner and enabled us to streamline our workstreams from complex, time-consuming tasks into seamless, high-converting workflows." – Rhiannon West, SafeContractor Marketing
The Future
The support retainer remains in place to provide ongoing assistance, and BBD Boom has recently embarked on a new implementation project for ISOQAR. This endeavour involves setting up and launching marketing journeys, including forms, workflows, landing pages, and client journeys.
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