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From Siloed to Streamlined with HubSpot

Discover how BBD Boom enabled Relative Insight to transform its global operations using HubSpot. This case study reveals the journey from disjointed processes and data management to a streamlined, centralised system, enhancing business efficiency and decision-making. Learn about the custom integrations and strategic solutions that led to a complete digital overhaul, significantly improving Relative Insight's operational dynamics and product launch capabilities.

From Siloed to Streamlined with HubSpot
The fundamental driver of success within an organisation is a streamlined business process. Disjointed teams and data, and lack of clarity, can break down processes and efficiencies. That’s where HubSpot comes in: an all-in-one portal designed to enable businesses to scale. Find out how BBD Boom helped Relative Insight, an AI text analysis software company to completely transform its global operations in less than six months. 
The Challenge
Originally developed to protect children online, text analysis SaaS platform Relative Insight helps businesses to generate actionable insights from text data. Having undergone hyper growth in the past 18-24 months, Relative Insight came to Boom in 2022 with one core need: 
To transform siloed processes, disjointed data management, and a sea of spreadsheets into a central, scaleable and streamlined system that housed real-time data to inform all business decisions.
With considerable and continued expansion across different markets, Relative Insight required a cost-effective solution that paired cross-functional and geographic collaboration with a user-friendly interface that enabled the team to make their own changes – and HubSpot was the obvious choice.
The Solution
Relative Insight opted for HubSpot Enterprise Growth Suite, which includes Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS, and Operations Hub. This holistic approach enabled us to help optimise its business efficiency through the integration and automation of everything from sales forecasting to lead nurturing and customer retention. 
To kickstart the project, Boom worked with Relative Insight to devise a strategy that would integrate all of its existing software, tools and data into the platform, beginning with a System Design project that mapped out its processes, channels, tools, and the end-to-end buyer journey. The team undertook a phased approach and prioritised tasks into sprints to ensure each stage was right before moving onto the next; offering plenty of time to pilot the system with key stakeholders ahead of rolling it out to the rest of Relative Insight’s team.
We worked to understand, at a deep level, Relative Insight’s various pain points, getting to the root of what exactly it was that they were trying to achieve and establishing how to represent that within HubSpot. 
With a comprehensive understanding, the team was then able to help Relative Insight migrate from its previous software, Salesloft and SalesSeek, and integrate into HubSpot, the following:
Reporting and forecasting was previously a pain point for Relative Insight, with lack of visibility of conversion rates, forecasting of closing, renewals, and the sales cycle; plus, since opening the Philadelphia office, the team needed to be able to report in multiple currencies. BBD Boom employed complex solutions to enable end-to-end reporting of the buyer journey, from generating leads through to conversion and retention, and helped to facilitate multiple-currency reporting within HubSpot. 
The Outcome
Within six months, BBD Boom helped Relative Insight to fully integrate all of its systems and tools into one holistic HubSpot suite – creating a single source of truth. It was a complete digital transformation, and HubSpot is now at the core of everything Relative Insight does as a company, with over one hundred employees operating within its HubSpot portal. 
In fact, it has completely transformed the way in which its entire commercial team now operates; improving C-Suite visibility and the team’s ability to analyse what’s going on. Relative Insight was also able to launch its new text analysis product Heartbeat with the support of HubSpot, through the enablement of segmentation and reporting on different products. 
Having previously found Salesforce’s system challenging due to the heavy coding involved, Relative Insight found HubSpot’s user-friendly interface a breath of fresh air, and the team are now able to make regular updates without the need for support. 
When speaking of Relative Insight’s experience with BBD Boom, Eilidh, VP of Revenue Enablement, said: 

“We literally wouldn’t be where we are as an organisation if we hadn’t had your help, at this point. Absolutely no way.” 

The Future
BBD Boom continues to work closely with Relative Insight to support its ongoing growth and scaling, with plans to optimise the processes and integration of business tools, and to explore more intelligent ways to surface leads in the near future. 
Want to know how we could help you to leverage HubSpot to scale your business and streamline your processes? Book a meeting with us today.

What Our Clients Say

“They have smart people across the board. We plan to expand our work with BBD Boom and highly recommend their professionalism, responsiveness and deep knowledge across the entire HubSpot platform.”

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“Their project management is excellent and they really do deliver. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, they will really make a difference to your business. We absolutely wouldn’t have gotten to where we are now without them.”

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“The team at BBD Boom have helped us tremendously, we have enjoyed every second. They have reacted quickly and are always on hand to help us whenever we need, no matter how small.”

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"Me and my Marketing Operations Manager were so impressed by the audit! Clearly a lot of work and research went into it. It felt like a totally personalised session with vast amounts of added value!"

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"By taking the additional time to really understand our business and how we work, the great team at Boom have enabled us to get the best from our HubSpot investment"

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"They were very supportive and offered invaluable help to ensure we got the most from our HubSpot platform. I would happily work with BBD Boom again"

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